Tune in to the “Chatt It Up Sports” podcast

We’ve got a new local podcast for you all to enjoy, giving listeners weekly sports talk, guest appearances, and more — let’s chat about “Chatt It Up Sports.”

Chatt It Up Sports podcast being taped with 4 guys at a table with microphones and sports merch on the table.

“My favorite part of doing the “Word with G” was on Fridays when they would come in and we could just have fun and do radio the way I envisioned it for myself.” — Greg Larnerd.

Photo by “Chatt It Up Sports”

In the wake of local radio group Brewer Media selling two stations, including its ESPN affiliate, comes a new podcast with some familiar voices from the station. Enter: “Chatt It Up Sports”.

This audio and video podcast is co-hosted by Greg Larnerd, Chase Green, Malcolm “Miggie” Harris (you might recognize these three from their work with Brewer Media), and Garrett Tolley + produced by Joseph Guthrie. Motivated by the void ESPN left, these five friends are getting straight to business with sports talk.

“We are a melting pot of fandom in Chattanooga — there’s Georgia fans, Alabama fans, Tennessee fans, and it gets even more split with the NFL,” Green said. “We just want to help fill that void in a different avenue.”

What topics can you expect? From football on a national and local scale to men’s + women’s basketball, the Lookouts, and CFC, this podcast will keep you in the know of the sports world. You’ll even be able to hear from different coaches to get an insider perspective.

Green said that even though sports can often feel geared towards a male audience, they want to reach all types of listeners who have a passion for sports. “Chatt It Up Sports” will also bring on local business owners and CEOs, musicians, and other folks to talk about what’s happening in our community + to find niches that will engage and spread their audience.

Chatt It Up Sports crew on the Walnut Street Bridge

While it’s still in its early stages, Larnerd said a future goal is to hopefully collaborate with an ESPN affiliate station if it gets picked back up in Chattanooga.

Photo by “Chatt It Up Sports”

“It’s five friends who really enjoy interacting with each other and genuinely love being around each other to talk about sports and life,” Larnerd said.

How can you tune it? Episodes will air on Monday mornings + there will be a live show on Thursdays around 7:30 p.m. from WaveLength Studios where listeners can chat with the hosts via the livestream comment section. Plus, you can access the podcast through all platforms.

Bonus: Want to meet the faces behind the voices? “Chatt It Up Sports” will be emceeing the Corporate Challenge Chattanooga team building event on Thursday, June 6-Saturday, June 8.

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