Pioneer new skills with Audubon Acres

Audubon Acres will host its annual Walker Farm Pioneer Days festival, teaching elementary school students skills to help provide an educational tool on how the pioneers lived.

NOOGAtoday | A crew dressed in pioneer period clothing are showing children how to make their own candles the way they did back in that time period.

Let the kiddos be pioneers for a day at this educational festival.

Photo provided by Audubon Acres

Ever wondered what life was like living alongside South Chickamauga Creek in the 1800s? Audubon Acres’ annual Walker Farm Pioneer Days festival is here to give the kiddos and their families an inside look.

From Tuesday, Nov. 14 through Saturday, Nov. 18, the 130-acre grounds will host 25 different hands-on activities for elementary schoolers. You’ll get a chance to see blacksmiths, candlemakers, butter churning, corn shelling, basket weaving, and cider making — to name a few.

Bonus: The Spring Frog Cabin (birthplace of founder of Audubon Acres Robert Sparks Walker) will be open for tours.

Note: Tickets are going fast if you aren’t associated with a school — get them for Saturday’s date while you can.

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