Try This: Take a swing at The Back Nine

Golf enthusiasts and newbies alike are invited to take a swing at newly opened golf simulator spot, The Back Nine.

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Use the collected data to see how you compare to professional golfers.

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If you’re a golf enthusiast, or maybe interested in taking a swing at the sport in the comfort of an indoor space, come along with us as we check out The Back Nine.

Newly opened at 6429 Lee Hwy., The Back Nine offers a premier indoor golfing experience using industry-leading technology to play in a variety of different game modes.

NOOGAtoday | The Back Nine

Choose from a variety of game modes or participate in global tournaments.

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The space + technology

The space offers an intimate setting for folks to play, and you won’t have to worry about the weather keeping you from your golfing game. Three bays are available to rent that hold four players each. Each bay is equipped with a Trackman radar that can provide 25+ different stats each time you take a swing.

The equipment used is what several professional golfers also utilize, you’ll be able to compare your stats to some of the PGA greats. Additionally, the program offers 250+ courses that mirror the ones used for professional tournaments.

NOOGAtoday | The Back Nine

Rent out the space for a party or for some of your closest friends.

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Bring the kiddos

The space isn’t just for the adults, kiddos are welcome to join in on the fun and can play a variety of games to introduce them to the game of golf. Additionally, the space can be rented out for kids’ parties. You can even bring your own gaming consoles to hook up to the system to play on the big screen — count us in for a Super Mario Cart party.

How to book

Folks can book a tee time online or check out the membership options. Notably, members have access to the space 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can join in on some of the fun like local tournaments.

Bonus: In honor of its grand opening, The Back Nine is offering 50% off the first month of membership (with a three-month commitment) using code FIRST50 + 50% off booking using code B9CHATT50.

Want to get a taste before committing? You can also book a 30-minute free demo.

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