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Answered: What about Chattanooga have you grown to appreciate over time?

Whether this has been your hometown your whole life or for even just a year, we want to know what things about the Scenic City you cherish.

The lightup "Chattanooga" sign at the Choo Choo

We’re taking some extra time to cherish the city.

Photo by Chattanooga Tourism Co.

NPR had a wild card question in a recent interview that really got us thinking. What about Chattanooga have you grown to appreciate over time?

Whether the Scenic City is your hometown or has become home over the course of just a few months — we want to know.

To start it off, Editor Haley has now entered the chat. While I’ve lived in Tennessee my whole life, I didn’t move to Chattanooga until 2017, and I was pleasantly surprised by how unlike this city is to anywhere else in the south.

The camaraderie and community give you that sense of Southern hospitality we love to boast about, but it’s more than that. Chattanoogans know what environment they want and they curate that in everything they do, from local businesses to community events.

From the readers

“The incredible ability to change, grow, and become a very progressive, open-minded, active, and FUN place to live for all ages.” — Cliff W.

“Mild winters, sunshine throughout the year, friendly neighborhood and people.” — Jin L.

“All the people moving here. I used to be one of those annoyed locals that hated people flocking to our city. Now, I embrace it and look forward to meeting new people because a lot of times, they are WAY happier to be here + more grateful than most people who have lived here their whole life.” — Anonymous

“I’ve always appreciated it, but after moving here following 50+ years of living near Los Angeles and Chicago, I’m blown away by the variety and excellence of Chattanooga’s restaurant offerings. This town definitely punches above its weight.” — Pam G.

“I have lived in Chattanooga for 26 years, and over time I have come to appreciate that we love the outdoors, but in different ways. Whether it is hiking, biking, running, walking, paddling, water skiing, boating, fishing, climbing, picnicking, or just hanging out, we all treasure the nature that is at our front door. And to that point, we are currently undergoing a project to connect more people to nature via the City in a Park.” — Tanya S.

“I felt the energy and forward-thinking atmosphere immediately during my first visit in 2007 and move here in early 2008. Still feel it every day.” — Diane M.

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