Now open: Attack of the Tatsu

New ramen and katsu restaurant Attack of the Tatsu is gearing up for its public grand opening, bringing the Japanese culture to Chattanooga.

NOOGAtoday | Attack of the Tatsu

Get a little taste of Japanese dishes in this corner of Chattanooga’s downtown area.

Photo by Attack of the Tatsu

The anticipation and wait is (almost) over for Attack of the Tatsu, a new ramen and katsu restaurant that will open to the public on Monday, Oct. 16.

Located downtown in the Tomorrow Building at 818 Georgia Ave., this spot comes from the minds of James Heeley (owner of Unknown Caller + Shady’s Corner) and Daniel Starkey — just look for the red lanterns.

The pair began this business venture by traveling to Japan to get a better grasp on the flavor and culture they wanted to bring to the city. The menu features traditional ramen, katsu + Izakaya dishes, as well as a sake and cocktail menu.

NOOGAtoday | Attack of the Tatsu miso ramen

The menu will feature traditional items, specializing in the craft of ramen and Izakaya.

Photo by Attack of the Tatsu

“There’s a lot of ways to do ramen,” Starkey said. “We can’t recreate what Tokyo or Japan has to offer, so we’re going to do it the best way we can to pay tribute to their culture.”

While the spot isn’t open just yet to the public, Editors Kristen and Haley got to experience the space and all its wonders, and we simply can’t wait to tell you about it.

Created for all times of day, the front of the shop features a more casual vibe for folks who might want quick + easy service for lunches or to-go meals. For a more intimate and full experience, travel to the back where you will be immersed in an Izakaya-style bar with small plates, bowls, and beverages.

NOOGAtoday | Attack of the Tatsu sake

As the spot’s tagline says — ramen in the front, sake in the back.

Photo by Attack of the Tatsu

Getting down to the broth of it, we tried the tempura shishito peppers, the fries (add the curry sauce, and thank us later), katsu sliders, and the katsu scotch egg to start. We also had the miso ramen with miso broth and tofu + shoyu ramen with chicken broth and pork — if we’re being honest, we can’t choose a favorite. From the warmth and rich flavors of the broth, to the perfectly cooked ramen soft-boiled eggs, each bite was perfect.

Bonus: Start the festivities with a round of sake bombs or ask for a chilled sake which comes in a masu cup.

Note: This restaurant will be walk-in only, anticipate wait times.

“It’s very specialized, we want it to be a different experience than going to a Western-style restaurant. I think we’re getting a more vibrant food and beverage community, and we want to be a part of that.” — James Heeley

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