Guides with Experience Chattanooga discuss perks of cold-weather hiking

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From a recent hike editor Trista + friends did with Experience Chattanooga | Photo by Experience Chattanooga

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It’s time to put the shorts and sundresses away and dig out sweaters and knit hats — that’s right folks, it’s officially fall. 🍂 When we think of colder weather, visions of pumpkin-carving, pie-baking, and cider-sipping come to mind, but we’re here to add hiking to the top of that list.

Editors Chloé + Trista recently went on two separate excursions with Experience Chattanooga and during the hikes, guides Ryan + Hope told us about the trails during fall and winter.

Why would I hike when it’s cold outside?

Here’s what Ryan + Hope had to say:

🍁 The waterfalls are at their biggest because of the rainfall — they might even be frozen.

🍁 There are icicles hanging from the rocks, and they’re really cool.

🍁 You have the whole mountain to yourself.

🍁 The visibility is a lot clearer from lookout points.

🍁 It’s a good way to get fresh air and exercise instead of just hibernating. (Who else is guilty of that?)

We asked y’all on social media, and here’s what some of you had to say:

🍁 There are fewer ticks, snakes + bugs.

🍁 The low humidity.

🍁 It’s a good way to disconnect from the holiday bustle.

🍁 The cool weather makes it easy to take your time and enjoy it.

🍁 You can fit more hiking into a day because it’s not so hot.

That all sounds good. What’s Experience Chattanooga?

Experience Chattanooga is a local business that offers guided hiking tours complete with transportation + professional photography. Yes, they take professional photos during your hike. And it’s incredible. 📸

Obviously this is a great way for tourists to “experience Chattanooga,” but it’s for locals too. Staycation, anyone?

Ryan + Hope said they see a lot of locals, and it’s a good way for Noogans to discover a new trail or park that they can later explore on their own or with visiting friends + family. (Not a bad idea since the holidays are coming up!) You can also let your selfie stick rest on this one since the pros will handle the pics.

Time to lace up those hiking boots, y’all. 🥾


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