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6 ways to save big on home upgrades in Nooga

See how EPB and TVA’s new partnership can save homeowners thousands in rebates on home upgrades like sealing window gaps, improving insulation, replacing an HVAC + more.

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The rebate program is thanks to a partnership between EPB and TVA (whose $1.5 billion investment in the program is available through 2027).

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Tired of the “brr” in the winter and the sweats in the summer?

If cost has been holding you back from making your home more energy-efficient, EPB and TVA’s new EnergyRight® Home Energy Rebate Program can save you thousands of dollars on energy upgrades (like sealing window gaps, improving insulation, or replacing or tuning up an HVAC). Here’s how:

🏡 3 reasons to upgrade

  1. Home efficiency upgrades better regulate the temperature and air quality inside your home, creating a more comfortable space and a healthier environment.
  2. Rebates help customers save money twice — first, by getting the rebates for upgrading and, second, by reducing monthly energy bills for years to come (think: better energy efficiency = less energy used).
  3. EPB Energy Pros guide you through the process at no cost — both to help you identify the most cost-benefiting upgrades to make and to check contractor’s work to ensure home improvements maximize energy efficiency + savings.

💸 6 rebates to jump on

Pro tip: There’s no limit to the number of improvements you can make or the rebates you can claim. Here’s what to upgrade and the money you save:

  1. HVAC — Get up to $1,500 per system
  2. Ductwork — Get up to $300 per system
  3. Heat Pump Water Heater — Get up to $800 per unit
  4. Insulation — Get up to $700
  5. Envelope Air Sealing — Get up to $300
  6. Window Replacements — Get $15 per window

🧑‍🔧 4 steps to saving (twice)

  1. Choose a qualifying project + get free advice from EPB Energy ProsSM.
  2. Hire an approved contractor for your existing home. Psst: DIY projects and work completed by unapproved contractors are not eligible for rebates.
  3. Once contractors complete work and submit documentation...
  4. You receive your rebates (and start saving monthly) — yes, that’s double the savings.

Have a new-build home? See how EPB Smart Build ensure your house is energy-efficient and fiber-ready.

Start saving

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