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Get EPB’s Gig2.5 for all the bandwidth you need (and more)

We’re unpacking the benefits and bonuses of EPB’s recently launched Gig2.5 internet service.

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Smart Net Plus (included with Gig2.5) also features the popular HomePass app for parental controls, cyber-threat protection + more.

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Quick: Count the connected devices in your home. Think: computers, tablets, phones, TVs, streaming devices, doorbells, light bulbs, thermostats, and gaming equipment.

If you’re an average American household, you probably counted upwards of 21 devices. Here’s the thing: All those devices demand bandwidth — and that demand is expected to increase by 50% each year due to the popularity of smart home devices, remote work, telehealth, and more.

🛜 The benefits of Gig2.5

To keep you frustration-free, future-proofed + super-connected, EPB recently launched Gig2.5, offering 2,500 MBPS of broadband that’s perfect for highly-connected households needing lightning-fast speeds. Here’s what you get:

  • More than twice the speed of than EPB’s popular Gig speed service, but for only a little bit more each month.
  • Smart Net Plus whole-home Wi-Fi included — delivering internet speed throughout your home + boosting cybersecurity, plus giving you complete control through the HomePass app, with optional parent controls and more.
  • Connection to the world’s fastest community-wide, 100% fiber optic network.
  • 24/7/365 local EPB Tech Pros support.

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