Little Free Library locations in Chattanooga, TN

Canva Map of LFL

Map of little libraries in Chattanooga

Little Free Library is a nonprofit working to build community + create a love of reading by supporting neighborhood book exchanges all over the world.

Every year, millions of books are exchanged through the Little Free Library program, which increases access to books for readers of every age + demographic. They are also working to fill book deserts + have donated 1,000+ libraries through the program.

These little libraries come in all shapes, sizes, and colors + each library comes with a charter sign - a wooden or aluminum sign engraved with a unique charter number. Little Free Library also has a map feature that allows you to see all of the locations in your area.

Treat yo shelf + check out these little free libraries in our area:

πŸ“š | Charter #10289 | Corner of Dorchester Rd. + Hixson Pike

πŸ“š | Charter #10288 | Intersection of Dallas + Curve St.

πŸ“š | Charter #65064 | Off of Tremont St.

πŸ“š | Charter #104654 | Off of Lynda Dr.

πŸ“š | Charter #12433 | Off of S. Crest. Rd.

πŸ“š | Charter #36741 | 400 Glenwood Dr.

πŸ“š | Charter #15747 | 411 Crewdson Ave.

πŸ“š | Charter #7221 | Corner of Murray Hills Drive + Skylark Trail

πŸ“š | Charter #124977 | 1909 Duncan Ave.

Do you know of another little library that wasn’t on our list? Let us know.

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