Chattanooga’s Little Mysteries: 1601 Williams St.

Welcome to our new Little Mysteries series, where we enlist your help to uncover some of Chattanooga’s small but nevertheless enticing mysteries.

a white brick building with a stained glass window and ivy covering part of the front walkway.

We’ve been curious about this beautiful building for years.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

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Every city has its own, what we like to call, “little mysteries.” Unlike major mysterious happenings that most people around town are aware of — Underground Chattanooga, for example — little mysteries aren’t quite as flashy, but are interesting just the same.

Today, we’re putting on our Sherlock caps (and asking you to become our Watson) to try and begin solving some of these questions in a new series we’re calling “Chattanooga’s Little Mysteries.”

The case

Located at 1601 Williams St. is what looks to be a beautiful church — but is that really what it is?

We recently stopped by to see if we could get inside (or even get a peek), but the doors were locked + the view into the space was blocked by another set of double doors. We also asked a kind citizen who lived next door if he was aware of what or who occupied the building, but to no avail.

The clues

According to the Yellow Pages, the answer is yes, it is a church — well, maybe. It states that the property is home to Alleyne Memorial AME Zion Church. When we called the number listed, however, we received the “disconnected/no longer in service” message.

Even more curious? Both Trulia + Zillow have it listed as an off-market “single-family home” with zero bedrooms and three bathrooms.

No, there aren’t any signs attached to or beside the building, but it does look well-maintained, at least from the outside.

The theory

Our best guess? Perhaps the beautiful building was once a church, but now serves as a family’s home or a business office space.

The ask

Here’s where you come in — do you have information on what the building is? Its history? Who built it, and for what purpose? Let us know so we can piece this little mystery together, together.

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