Local venture capital company is a place for “serious founders”

A space with a couch set across from two chairs and a coffee table, with two private small telephone booth-like rooms in the background.

We’re thinking of starting a business just to access this beautiful space.

Photo by Lazo Studio via Brickyard

Have you heard of Brickyard? Put simply, the local early stage capital and founder outpost is a place for “serious founders.”

The local organization was started by five entrepreneurs, including two you may be pretty familiar with — Cam Doody + Matt Patterson, the founders of a little company called Bellhops.

According to the Chattanooga Chamber, the incubator-like space (it’s important to note that it is not an actual incubator, though — more like “an insulator) + funding has brought 15 different startup founders from around the world right here to Chattanooga, many of which are women or minority-owned.

Beyond the business, capital, and startup side of things, Brickyard’s space is also just... super cool. We like to think of it as a 12,000-sqft coworking site specifically designed for founders, that also happens to feature a founder house, gym, sauna, cold plunge, and all the cozy details of your dreams.

Check out a few of the Brickyard founders here.

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