A look inside Chattanooga’s captivating commodes


The Chattanooga Choo Choo’s facilities have long been admired by its users | Photo via NOOGAtoday

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There’s something about a beautiful bathroom a luxurious latrine, if you will — that heightens the experience of using the facilities. Yet toilets and bathrooms often don’t receive the attention they deserve, despite their necessity in the modern world.

We sought to find some of the most beautiful, comfortable, and pleasing bathrooms here in Chattanooga, because wanting a comfortable commode? Shh…it happens.

The Chattanooga Choo Choo

Perhaps the most elegant of them all, visitors of the Choo Choo have long admired the grandeur of the historic spot’s public restrooms. With its sunny yellow walls + grand chandeliers, this bathroom is well known for its beauty.

Agave & Rye

The whole atmosphere of Agave & Rye is bold and fun, but there’s something about those black toilets + intricate glass artwork in the bathrooms that make us feel comfortable letting the restaurant’s margaritas go straight through us.

Market South

What puts these restrooms on the list is their comfort level — a private bathroom with a locked door, just for you? Usually a gas station nightmare, knowing there’s a growing line of people outside the door. But at Market South, there are multiple single-person commodes, making for a peaceful potty time.

The Dwell

Step back in time as you enter The Dwell’s funky + retro facilities. Pro Tip: the restroom on the left’s emerald green walls and low lighting makes for a calming and serene experience.

Hi-Fi Clyde’s

This restaurant’s fun personality meanders all the way into the bathroom, where you can take your time while gazing at the celebrities + stories displayed on old magazine clippings all over the walls.

The Read House

“Simple but stately” will likely be your thought as you enter The Read House’s restrooms located right next to the old shoe-shine station. After wandering the grand, historic hotel, the bathroom is a place of reprieve, while remaining lovely.

No Hard Feelings

Admire doodles while you drop your doo-dles. The fun doodle drawings in No Hard Feelings’ bathroom allow for an entertaining time on the toilet. Those who grew up on “Highlights” magazines will appreciate the “hidden pictures”-esque vibes.

Check out our Reel featuring some of these sweet spots here.

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