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Meet this 40-day, science-backed wellness program in Chattanooga

Find out how Bragg Weight Loss Chattanooga can help you achieve your health goals.

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before and after photos of people who participated in Bragg Weight Loss Chattanooga's programs

The science-based weight loss program has been shown to produce effective results in just 40 days.

Photo provided by Bragg Weight Loss Chattanooga

Whether finding it difficult to achieve your health goals or needing the supportive guidance of a program, Bragg Weight Loss Chattanooga focuses on using science and technology — and some good old fashioned coaching — to identify and develop a personalized weight loss program that works best for you.

Here’s a look at what this 40-day program does and doesn’t do.

The program does:

  • Utilize advanced intelligence technology and 40 years of research to comprehensively assess your body’s optimal fat-burning zone
  • Factor in health history when formulating a customized, physician-led weight loss plan
  • Use only real food + all natural supplements
  • Provide a weight loss coach to monitor and support your wellness journey
  • Result in an average weight loss of 20-30 pounds (Want proof? See success stories.)

The program doesn’t:

  • Use shakes, bars, or pre-packaged meals
  • Use drugs, stimulants, or appetite suppressants
  • Require exercise (though physical activity for your health is always encouraged)
  • Offer a quick fix (that doesn’t last) — the program is Strongscience-certified for safe, lasting results*


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