New US bike route goes through Chattanooga

A new US Bicycle Route designated trail takes cyclists from the Kentucky border through Knoxville and into Chattanooga.

A bicycle symbol painted on the street.

Ever wanted to bike to the Kentucky border?

Photo by Cristiana Raluca via Pexels

Tire-d of the same ‘ole bike routes? How about one that goes all the way to the Kentucky border, or to our neighbors in Nashville?

A new US Bicycle Route designated trail, USBR 21 northbound, can take cyclists from Chattanooga through Knoxville, all the way up to Cumberland Gap National Historical Park at the Kentucky border.

The new trail also connects to an existing route from Chattanooga to Atlanta.

And if you’re hoping to boogie on over to Nashville sans car, there’s something to look forward to: a bike route connecting Chattanooga to the Music City, USBR 121, is currently awaiting federal approval.

If you’re curious about where these routes are coming from, it’s the US Bicycle Route System — a network of numbered and signed routes that utilize existing roads and trails to spur nationwide bike travel. Pretty cool, huh?

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