Introducing Chattanooga’s newest art venue, Immersion Gallery

A new gallery concept will open in Chattanooga on Friday, Dec. 9 featuring art, artist demos, food + drink, music, and more.

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Stop by Immersion Gallery’s location at 231 Broad St. for a sneak peek video.

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Deemed one part gallery, one part theater, and one part funhouse, a new art venue concept will open in Chattanooga on Friday, Dec. 9.

Immersion Galley will have its soft opening this week at 231 Broad St. (the former Rock/Creek downtown location). The concept sprung from the mind of local artist Kevin Bate — you may recognize him from his work on the Glass Street asphalt mural, spearheading the McCallie Walls Mural Project, or creating the Fallen Five mural + several other murals around town.

The venue’s opening night will showcase local + regional talent from 25 artists and includes over 150 pieces of art ranging across all mediums that will be available for purchase (think: painters, sculptors, poets, dancers, animators, programmers, etc).

The event is an immersive experience, with “interconnected, ever-changing” rooms. Bate said attendees can “get lost in” the art, music, books, videos, and other aspects of the rooms as they move through the show. The first installment of the show will feature these rooms:

  • “The Wunderkammer-Cabinet of Wonders” | The anchor exhibit focused on items collected and displayed by people who are curious about the world they live in + what they’ve gotten from it
  • “Blue Ruin” | A collection of the bluest art that could be sourced
  • “Plant Based” | An experience not just for your eyes, but for all of your senses
  • “Serial Killers + Pinups” | Creep back to the Annex for this room filled with the seediest + saddest people you’ll ever lay eyes on (if you dare)
  • “The Alley Artwalk” | In partnership with River City Co., 3D art that celebrates life + colorful emotions

You can attend the one-of-a-kind gallery’s opening night this Friday from 5-10 p.m. Tickets are available for purchase onlinethis show is for folks 21 years and older.

Shows are planned to change quarterly, with several shows taking place each quarter. For more information on upcoming shows + events, follow Immersion Gallery’s Facebook page.

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