Decorate your tree with these Chattanooga ornaments

Looking to add some local additions to your holiday tree this year? Here are some Chattanooga-themed and locally-made ornaments that are available for purchase.

NOOGAtoday | Chattanooga ornament

Funds raised from the sale of the limited-time ornament will benefit Signal Centers’ Hart Gallery.

Photo by Doug Strickland via Signal Centers

Whether your holiday decorations have been up way before the month of December, or you’re just now bringing your tree out of storage — we have some local additions for this year’s tree.

Official City Ornament | Purchase at Hart Gallery, the Tennessee Aquarium Gift Shop, or online | This year’s official ornament of the City of Chattanooga depicts the aquarium’s River Journey building.

The Book & Cover wooden ornament | Purchase in-store | Add this NorthShore bookstore ornament created by local maker JayBanWorks to your tree this year.

Tivoli Theatre ornaments | Purchase at the box office or online | Check out two glass-blown ornaments of the Tivoli’s vertical blade sign + the marquee.

MoonPie ornaments | Purchase at the MoonPie General store or online | Add a sweet touch to this year’s tree with ornaments of Chattanooga’s beloved treat.

JayBanWorks wooden ornaments | Purchase on Etsy | Shop ornaments depicting the Walnut Street + Market Street Bridges.

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