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5 places Editor Haley hasn’t been in Chattanooga

Editor Haley here — I’m taking on a new challenge to broaden my scope of the Greater Chattanooga area. Follow along my journey as I try places I’ve never been.

Tennessee River with a boat going through under the Market Street bridge and a view of the city

Time to discover new things.

Photo by Kelly Lacy via Chattanooga Tourism Co.

Oh hey, there. Editor Haley here. I recently ventured out to Lakeshore Grille for the first time (if you’re looking for dinner with a great view, I highly recommend) and it got me thinking — where else have I not been around Chattanooga?

Here are five places and things I want to try in the near future:

While I’m off playing tourist in my city, I’m open to any suggestions from you all of places around the Greater Chattanooga area you think should be on our radar. Just drop me a line.

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