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Q+A about Chattanooga Airport’s $28 million makeover ✈️

Big changes are on the horizon at Chattanooga Airport.

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A rendering of the CHA Connector at Chattanooga Airport

The project’s completion is currently set for 2024.

Photo provided by Chattanooga Airport

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The Chattanooga Airport’s (CHA) $28 million project to renovate the existing terminal and build a new terminal is underway. We recently caught up with Terry Hart, the airport’s CEO + President, and Blake Poole, VP, to learn about the latest project updates and how it will transform the airport. Here’s what they had to say:

Can you go into more detail about the impact of the makeover on the airport?

The $28 million project will add 28,000 sqft of additional space to the terminal while renovating 36,000 sqft of the existing concourse. This will include three additional boarding gates (with jet bridges), increased space at the security checkpoint for an additional screening lane, another set of restrooms post-security, and a new restaurant/bar area.

Will new technology be incorporated into the expansion? How will that affect a traveler’s experience?

We will continue to partner with EPB to provide the fastest internet speed at the airport. Water bottle filling stations will be added post-security for our customers’ added convenience. We also hope to add several digital advertising opportunities post-security.

What is your favorite feature of the terminal’s makeover?

There are many added customer amenities in this project, but the new restaurant and bar area will allow our concessionaire to fully utilize the existing full-scale restaurant kitchen that was built in 1991.

Tailwind Concessions will bring a new concept menu to the added restaurant and bar area.

Will the increased capacity allow for new airlines to operate out of CHA?

We continue to have dialogue with the airlines that currently serve CHA and other carriers who do not. The added infrastructure and capacity will highlight the growth of the community, which the airlines look for when adding capacity.

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