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4 steps for saving twice on home energy improvements

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Pro tip: Be sure to hire an EPB-vetted contractor — work done by other contractors or DIY projects by homeowners do not qualify for rebates.

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Is cost hindering you from making energy-efficient home upgrades?

EPB and TVA’s new EnergyRight® Home Energy Rebate Program offers homeowners thousands of dollars in rebates for upgrading HVAC units, windows, water heaters, insulation, and more. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a qualifying project + get free advice from EPB Energy ProsSM.
  2. Hire an approved contractor.
  3. Contractors will complete work and submit documentation.
  4. Get rebates (and start saving monthly) — that’s how you save twice.

Bonus: EPB Energy Pros will review work to ensure you’re getting energy savings.

How to save twice

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