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4 ways to lower your energy bill this summer

Here are the EPB Energy Pro’s top tips for saving energy (and money) this summer.

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Sealing gaps in windows is just one way to save energy by reducing the load on your HVAC system.

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While summer in Chattanooga has its many charms, your home energy usage may go up with the temperatures. That’s why the EPB Energy ProsSM are here to provide their tips on optimizing your home’s energy usage to help lower bills this summer (and all year-long):

Reduce the load on your HVAC system

Besides a pillow, we can’t think of anything that elevates human home comfort more than heating and air. But it comes at a cost — literally. While heating and air systems use the most energy of all home appliances, there are ways to reduce its power consumption. The result: Your home uses less energy, which equates to reduced costs.

Talk to an expert about *your* home

Every house is unique. Whether you live in a house, condo, or apartment, you can improve your energy efficiency by scheduling a free home energy consultation with an EPB Energy Pro.

Options include:

  • EPB Home Energy CheckupsSM: In-person visit for personalized, cost-effective recommendations for home energy efficiency
  • 30-Minute Call with a Pro: Address energy efficiency questions or concerns via phone

Pro tip: EPB Energy Pros also offer customers their expertise on:

  • Home renovations: Get free recommendations when planning a reno project + a free energy inspection when it’s complete.
  • Appliance advice: Discover energy-efficient appliances for a range of budgets.
  • Solar and electric vehicle chargers: Get advice on charging and installation best practices, a quote-review (to ensure you’re getting a good deal), and a free, third-party verification of completed work.

Monitor + levelize your energy usage

  • Download (or update) the myEPB app to see energy use by hour, day, or month. Monitoring usage trends will help you strategize future use. Bonus: The latest app version also offers convenient bill pay.
  • Sign up for Levelized Billing to help eliminate peak season energy usage spikes by averaging the past 12 months of usage. This means monthly bills are more predictable + budget-effective.

Read (or watch) EPB energy tips

Quickly access the EPB Energy Pros’ energy-saving bank of knowledge by checking out their Energy Tips blog + EPB Energy Pros YouTube channel.*


What’s your favorite way to save energy at home in the summer? Share your fave energy-saving hack.

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