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☀️ Add to home checklist: Service HVAC before the summer

A little HVAC TLC will keep your unit humming happily all summer long.

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A person in a gray ball cap and sunglasses works on an outdoor window HVAC unit.

If you have a commercial space that needs servicing, Ascend can help with that, too.

Photo provided by Ascend Air Solutions

Don’t let summer sneak up on you — keep your home a haven from the heat with a quick HVAC maintenance checkup with Ascend Air Solutions.

Their local team of expert technicians offer high-quality service 24/7, and are here to ensure your home stays refreshingly cool all season long.

🧽 Clean HVAC, happy home

Grease, dirt, and dust build up in your HVAC, making it work harder + less efficiently (think: higher bills and a hotter home). To extend their lifespan and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns, HVAC systems should be cleaned + serviced annually.

One 45-minute visit can stop these potential problems in their tracks, saving you energy, discomfort, and, most importantly, the costly replacement of a complete breakdown.

🔥 Too hot to handle

If your AC does give out, Ascend Air Solutions can help with that, too. Their speedy service + rapid response times ensure you won’t be in the red (or red in the face) for long.

Beat the heat before it hits

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