The historical Felker House in nearby Dalton, GA

Let us take you on a virtual tour of the Felker House, a historical piece of North Georgia that resides only ~30 minutes from downtown Chattanooga.

The exterior of the historical Felker House, with light brickwork and pointed roof with a porch on both the first and second floor, a brick walkway, and large trees and bushes in the front yard.

Step inside this 19th century Victorian-style home with us.

Photo by Rex Fuller of Lux Original via Ansley Real Estate Christie’s International

Sitting at 400 S. Thornton Ave. in nearby Dalton, GA (and just ~30 minutes from downtown Chattanooga), is a 132-year-old home that is looking quite good for its age, if we say so ourselves. Take a virtual tour of the Felker House with us.

The history

Constructed from 1890-1892, this home has seen a lot of life. Almost a century later + after being left in despair, former owner Dr. Robert Purdy spent $2 million to restore the home to its original glory, using old photographs — gaining the recognition of the Georgia Trust which presented the property with the Excellence in Historic Preservation Award in 1999.

GIF of the exterior of the Felker House

Never judge a house by its exterior — unless it’s the Felker House.

Photos by Rex Fuller of Lux Original via Ansley Real Estate Christie’s International

The house

  • Listing price | $1.75 million
  • Bedrooms | Five
  • Bathrooms | Three full, two half
  • Property size | 7,886 sqft, 0.69 acres

Built during the late Victorian era, the Felker House fully encompasses the architectural elements of the period. From the 10-ft high ceilings to the wrap-around porch, let’s take a closer look at some of the finer details.
With 11 fireplaces, built-in bookcases, mixed-shaped large windows with stained glass, and so much more, this home brings you back to the beauty of the 19th century. Each room has detailed woodwork from floor to ceiling, a homage to the original owners who were lumber barons. One of Editor Haley’s favorite intricacies about the house are the carvings throughout, like on the staircase railings and the cabinet doors of the bathroom vanities.

Gif of the interior of the Felker House, showing large stained glass windows, wood carvings in the banister, tiled kitchen sinks, rugs, and large sitting areas.

We mean, just look at all of the details in every room.

Photos by Rex Fuller of Lux Original via Ansley Real Estate Christie’s International

You’ll also see plenty of handwoven rugs lining the floors throughout the space, and not only do they look incredible, but they also hold their own piece of local history. Around the period the Felker House was built, the city of Dalton was a leading area in the American carpet industry — deemed the “carpet capital of the world.”

Wanting to walk the halls yourself? Contact agents Casey Rutherford + Myranda McGinn of Ansley Real Estate Christie’s International.

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