What’s going on with the road construction in Chattanooga, TN?

An excavator on a broken cement road

Road construction | Photo by Life Of Pix via Pexels

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A question every Noogan has: when will all the road construction be complete?

Let’s investigate. 🕵️


🚧 Interstate 24 bridge replacement


Ongoing bridge work over Germantown Road | Photo provided by TDOT


  • Replaces a 2-span bridge with a 4-span bridge over Germantown Road
  • Replaces the Belvoir Avenue 2-span bridge with a 4-span bridge (completed)
  • Dig into the specifics

Estimated completion: August 2021

Upcoming closures

  • Up to 4 weekends between spring + summer 2021 — the first one will be Fri., April 30 at 9 p.m.-Mon., May 3 at 6 a.m.
  • During the closures, I-24 will be closed off to traffic between Belvoir Avenue and Germantown Road — detour routes here

🚧 Interstate 24 interchanges at Broad + Market Streets


Map of the project | Photo provided by TDOT


  • Replaces the outdated loops and ramps that serve as exits/entrances of I-24 East and US 27
  • Creates a new frontage road for about 1.6 miles
  • Results in improved safety + operation of the interstate
  • Provides improved access to US 27, Broad and Market streets, and the south side of the city
  • Check out the design specifications

Estimated completion: August 2023

🚧 Interstate 75 interchange at Interstate 24


Birds eye view of the proposed finished project | Photo provided by TDOT


  • Modifies + reconstructs highway between Georgia state line and west of East Brainerd Road interchange on I-75
  • Updates highway between Spring Creek Road and the I-75/I-24 interchange
  • Increases the safety, efficiency, and operation of the interstate + provides congestion relief
  • Widens existing roads and ramps
  • Increases ramp radii
  • Reconfigures I-24 ramps to enter and exit I-75 from the right side
  • Shifts the interchange to the west and modifies welcome center traffic circulation
  • Includes new bridges for Spring Creek Road over I-24 + interstate bridges
  • Implements retaining walls along interstate ramps and between I-75 and the welcome center

Estimated completion: June 2021

DYK? The TDOT website has a section where you can check on the status of all projects.

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