Staying active indoors in Chattanooga, TN

A group cheers at Craft Axe throwing

Just imagine the bullseye is your treadmill | Photo by Craft Axe Throwing

You know those dumbbells you threw in the closet last year? What about the elliptical pulling double duty as decoration?

We know how it goes, and it’s not your fault. At-home workouts can be a necessary evil — especially when the great outdoors are so great here in Chatt. Luckily, we’re here to spot you: break up your indoor exercise routine with these activities that bring the outdoors in.

🧗 Climbing

Maybe you’re used to soloing Lookout Mountain or swinging trees in the gorge. High Point Climbing has 45 ft. climbing walls + bouldering, plus gear rentals and training. And if you need a stretch when you’re done, yoga classes come free with a membership or day pass.

If you’re more the run fast + jump high type of athlete, may we introduce you to DEFY Chattanooga and Synergy Climbing and Ninja, 2 American Ninja Warrior-style gyms with obstacle courses for all difficulty levels. Head to Synergy yoga and bouldering (plus a cafe), or DEFY for more kid-friendly obstacles, trampolines, trapeze and aerial silks.

🚴 Cycling

You might find your fancy twelve-speed buried in snow this winter. Luckily, Chattanooga’s Echelon indoor cycling studio offers classes for all types of cyclists out there — from the hill-climbing cardio junky, to the low impact-interested. Plus, the first 5 classes in the studio are free.

🪓 Axe throwing

Let’s be real: when you’re stuck in doors, even the little things can have you on a short fuse. I.e., sometimes you just want to huck iron. Civil Axe Throwing and Valkyrie Axe Throwing give you a fun (+ safe) way to let out your inner viking. Plus, Valkyrie’s got a bar — good for gym day or night out.

💃 Dancing

If you’ve got a song in your heart, don’t let the weather slow you down. Dance Tonight + The Pop-Up Project offer all sorts of dance classes, some geared toward exercise and some just to cut footloose. Plus, if you’re hoping to stage your own Cinderella moment, Chattanooga USA Dance hosts regular clubs, lessons, and social dancing events.

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