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How Walnut Street Publishing builds community

This one is for the creatives — get connected with local publisher Walnut Street Publishing and its community outreach efforts.

Two books published by Walnut Street Publishing

You could say we were eager to hit publish on this one.

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This one is for the creatives and aspiring authors — and anyone who loves fostering community through organic relationships — because we’re introducing you to Walnut Street Publishing.

Launching in 2020, this local publishing company aims to connect artists with an audience while forming partnerships throughout the city. Owner Aaron Quinn said this community desire was their founding ethos.

“So, every time we have an idea, our next question is, is there a way to get the community more involved in what we’re doing, especially if it’s giving free access to the artists,” he said.

How are they applying this method? Let’s talk about the highlights.

Givebacks and resources

  • Giveback bookmarks | In partnership with Be Caffeinated, Walnut Street Publishing prints free bookmarks that market the coffee shop’s nonprofit partner of the month.
  • Creative Spaces | A meet up for local artists and writers to gather around at different local businesses on the first and third Fridays of each month + go to different art events after.
  • Art Fusion Nights | Free pop-up art galleries where artists can share tables with others.

You can primarily purchase published titles through the Walnut Street Marketplace online. Bonus: A portion of sales goes towards supporting a nonprofit partner.

You can also find select copies for sale at the Hart Gallery (110 E. Main St.) + Carving Rock Kitchen (301 E. MLK Blvd.) or posted up at a market.

 Walnut Street Publishing event

From written and photographed work to painted and filmed, Walnut Street Publishing wants to connect you to an audience.

Photo provided by Walnut Street Publishing

Submitting and connecting
Writers, artists, and nonprofits who are interested in submitting work or building a partnership can fill out a contact form online, or reach out through Instagram + Discord at any time.

Submissions are currently open for Volume II of “The Walnut Branch” (the company’s magazine) through Wednesday, May 15.

Bonus: Quinn said that he’s currently workshopping ways to build a space for local filmmakers with Walnut Street + is accepting film submissions.

We recommend keeping an eye on these folks as they continue to grow as a network for local creatives — sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know about new opportunities.

“Yes, we’re selling a company vision, right?” said Quinn. “We’re Walnut Street Publishing, but our company is made of individuals who need the community to get to know them and their work.”

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