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What’s up with the sponges at the Chattanooga Airport?

If you’ve traveled through the Chattanooga Airport, you may have noticed a unique display — the sponge exhibit.

Vegas’ airport has gambling, Chicago’s has its extensive art, Austin has a unique “interimaginery departure” airport exhibit, and Chattanooga? Why, Chattanooga has its sponges.

Travelers walking through the Chattanooga Airport may have noticed a small but intriguing display full of various sponges + foam.

Back in 2014, one Twitter traveler had the same question we do — what, exactly, is the deal with these sponges? At the time, she got a response from the airport that said the exhibit was “a corporate display highlighting the foam used to make the products.”

To us, the story was still full of holes. (Get it? Because... sponges? Anyway.) Why couldn’t we find any updates since 2014? Is there more information here? What exactly are “the products”? So, we called the airport to find out if there was more information to be found. Here’s what we learned: the sponge exhibit is an advertising display for a local foam manufacturer, Woodridge INOAC.

The company is a joint venture partnership between Woodbridge and INOAC, and its technical products headquarters are located right here in Chattanooga. The more ya know, huh?

Bonus: Today, an unveiling of the Cultural Cross Ties art installation will take place at the airport, so you can take in the beauty of sponges alongside our sister city’s art.

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