Five Wits Brewing Co. debuts the “Pickleball Project”

Local brewery Five Wits Brewing Co. recently transformed its space inside of Barrelhouse Ballroom to hold a pickleball court when shows aren’t going on — read along to play ball with us.

Four people on a pickleball court with paddles.

Add this to your pickleball list.

Photo by Five Wits Brewing Co.

Five Wits Brewing Co. + Barrelhouse Ballroom are netting new business through its “Pickleball Project,” an initiative bringing the game to the indoor venue.

Co-owner Mike Monen said that they want this space (which was formerly known as Market South) to have “its front doors open” to the public again + that this sport is a way to bring the community together.

The space

If you’ve ever ventured to the Barrelhouse Ballroom side of this spot, you’re probably used to the open space in front of the stage. Now, during hours that a show isn’t scheduled, folks will see a traditional pickleball court mapped out on the floor with a net.

While playing, you’ll have full access to the food + drink offerings over at Five Wits (think: local brews and tacos from Taco El Vez).

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“The best part about pickleball is that it’s social and can be enjoyed at any skill level.” — Mike Monen

Photo by Five Wits Brewing Co.

How to play

Here’s the dill, the court can be reserved online as soon as 30 days out of the inquired date — this allows for Barrelhouse to open the floor around live music programming that is scheduled. Here are some need-to-knows before booking:

  • Games are for an hour time slot (with an option to book for a two-hour back-to-back game).
  • Reservations are $20 per hour + include equipment.
  • Games can be played with up to four players (two players on each side).
  • Looking for quick facts about this sport? Learn the basics.

Bonus: All proceeds made when booking a court go directly to live music funds to expand programming for free shows featuring local artists beginning in the spring.

Monen said a big goal with this project is to not only give life back to the space outside of music, but to also be able to host outdoor shows while pickleball is going on indoors.

While we don’t want to spoil all of the exciting things coming to 1501 Long St., we will say — stay tuned for new dining options and other ways to make the space your next hangout destination.

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