Tangerine Gallery opens in Chattanooga

Check out a new artist-run experimental gallery that recently opened in Highland Park.


The Tangerine Gallery offers an intimate studio setting for local artists to come in and transform with their work.

Photo provided by the Tangerine Gallery

The Scenic City just got a new artist-run experimental gallery downtown — the Tangerine Gallery.

Curated by local artists Summer Tomes + Kirby Miles, this space is located inside the St. Andrews Center in Highland Park at 1908 Union Ave., which is a cohort of studios for artists.

Offering up insight from different disciplines, with Summer focusing on needle-felting + Kirby working different materials into abstract paintings, the pair wanted to create a space that gave folks artistic freedom.

Summer said Kirby wanted to get back into experimental installation-based work + amplify artists locally away from a commercial basis, creating this collaboration. Both curators have previous gallery experience and currently reside as co-curators for the Wavelength Space art gallery.

“I gained a lot of gallery experience through Wavelength about install, and once I was hired on, I was able to curate my own shows alongside Kirby — who has been a mentor in some ways as well as my friend.” — Summer Tomes


The first exhibition showcased local artist Kris Bespalec, who also serves as the Manager of School and Community Programs at the Hunter Museum of Art.

Photo provided by the Tangerine Gallery

During the gallery’s inaugural exhibition “Efflorescence,” showcasing iron-rusted drapery work done by Kris Bespalec, Summer said the space was able to be transformed and wants other artists to come in and make the place their own.

The studio is currently open by appointment only + has plans to run a show for three weeks at a time, with one opening night.

Bonus: this spot is completely free, but you can offer support by pitching in their donation jar when visiting.

Folks can expect to see work from both curators in June with the exhibition “Daffodils and Onions,” which is currently being shown at FEMME Art Gallery in Nashville, TN.

Want to show your work? While the gallery is currently in the process of lining up its August residency, artists in the area are encouraged to send the studio a message via Instagram to discuss showcasing their work.

Follow the gallery’s page for more information and updates + schedule a visit.

“I think art should be more accessible. Art can be such a privileged thing, and it shouldn’t be.” — Summer Tomes

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