TEDxChattanooga brings “ideas worth spreading” to the Scenic City

This year’s local TEDx event will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

An empty Ruby Hall inside of Common House

This year’s TEDxChattanooga event will take place in Common House’s Ruby Hall.

Photo by Chloe Morrison

Have you heard that TED Talk on how to spot a liar? What about the one on how great leaders inspire action? We know you’ve probably come across this one at some point.

While you’ve likely heard a few popular TED talks, did you know that local entrepreneurs + professionals will soon be giving TED talks of their very own, right here in Chattanooga?

Thanks to TEDxa program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share TED-like experiences — and local organizer Maggie Carruth O’Connor, Chattanoogans will get a taste of TED on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at TEDxChattanooga.

This year’s theme is “ripple” — how we’ve been impacted by or created a ripple personally or professionally.

The speaker lineup:

  • Andrew Meador | Andrew is a scientist + educator who worked in nanotechnology, CRISPR research, and quality assurance chemistry before transitioning to classroom education. Now, he’s focused on biomimicry education and outreach.
  • Chloe Morrison | Chloe (who veteran NOOGAtoday readers may remember as a former editor) will share her experience coming out as bisexual and launching an LGBTQ+-focused business, and how that has given her a unique perspective on privilege.
  • Kenyatta Ashford | Former “Chopped” champion + the chef behind Neutral Ground, Kenyatta’s food introduces diners to his “Afro-Creole” identity and features the cooking techniques, flavors, foods, artistry, and traditions that exist throughout the African Diaspora.
  • Pete Thornton | Pete helps people and organizations clarify their outcomes and create a “Dream Machine” in order to attain the results they desire.
  • Sheaba Chacko | An Anxiety Relief Therapist, Sheaba will talk about Imposter Syndrome + hopes to show how it can create a lasting ripple in our lives and erode us over time when gone unchecked.
  • Tiffany Pauldon-Banks | Founder of Lil Mama’s Chicago Style Hoagy, Tiffany is passionate about providing opportunities for other aspiring entrepreneurs through education, support, and inspiration.

Grab tickets to TEDxChattanooga here — full-time nonprofit employees can email tedxchatt@gmail.com for discounted ticket promo codes. There are also 40 first-come, first-serve discounted tickets for Common House members.

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