Painted trees in Ross’s Landing

Em-bark on a journey with us to reveal why Ross’s Landing is filled with painted trees.

Ross's Landing trees

You can find these rainbow colored trees along the Riverwalk. | Photo by NOOGAtoday

You won’t want to leave this one to Beaver — at least not if you’re the Chattanooga Parks & Outdoors crew.

The parks team has been planting trees since the beginning of the year. Sitting along the waterfront of Ross’s Landing, the trees have gained the attention of the local beavers.

The furry water creatures have taken to nibbling the trees, much to the dismay of the team. When fencing, different tree species, and even hot sauce didn’t curb the beavers’ appetite, the parks team settled on one last solution — paint.

This isn’t your average craft store paint though. The team has watered down interior paint + added masonry sand so it is safe not only for the trees, but will simply irritate the beavers’ teeth so they quit nibbling. Note: this was recommended by the Humane Society and the Beaver Institute.

Don’t beave-lieve us? See it for yourself.

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