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A tour of the Read House Hotel’s haunted Room 311

Come along with Editors Brianna and Kristen as they tour a haunted hotel room.

NOOGAtoday | Room 311

The ghost of Annalisa Netherly is said to haunt this room.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

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If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Editors Brianna + Kristen, of course.

We may have left our proton packs and particle throwers at home, but we recently went ghost hunting at The Read House Hotel’s haunted Room 311, and you all are coming along for the ride.

Brief history

Before the hotel was constructed, the location was home to the Old Crutchfield House + later a makeshift hospital for Union soldiers. The location burned to the ground in 1867, passing the property along to new hands (many believe this history alone makes the location haunted).

Dr. John T. Read purchased the land + built The Read House Hotel, which opened its doors in 1872.

NOOGAtoday | Room 311 bathroom

The bathroom in Room 311 has vintage fixtures from the 1920s. |

Photo by NOOGAtoday

The ghost

The guest who never checked out is said to be Annalisa Netherly. According to local lore, Annalisa’s jealous lover murdered her in Room 311’s bathroom in 1927. It is said that her ghost has a particular dislike towards men, especially those who smoke.

Along with Room 311 being the alleged location of Annalisa’s murder, the room also hosted Al Capone during his federal trial. The room had security bars placed on the windows — which are still there — to ensure Capone could not escape.

Paranormal experiences

The hotel only allows guests to stay in Room 311 during weekends in October (for the price of $666), but many guests check out before the night’s end or leave believing in ghosts.

Guests and staff members have reported drawers opening and closing, the feeling of being watched, flickering lights, unexplained noises, being touched, seeing shadowy figures, and more.

Guests have even reported paranormal experiences outside of the room, like the third-floor lights going bright and then dimming + pets barking or staring at Room 311 from the hallway.

As for our personal experience, the room definitely had creepy vibes and we made sure to take plenty of photos and videos. We may have even caught a ghost on camera — keep an eye out on our Instagram page for more.

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