Answered: Where is your go-to sunset watching spot?

We asked you all to share your favorite spots to watch the sun set and rise in the Scenic City. Save some of these suggestions for your next evening or morning stroll.

NOOGAtoday | Whiskey Thief sunset

The Scenic City never disappoints with the views.

Photo by Jessica Hunter

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Last week, we asked you all to share your go-to spots to see a sunset or sunrise in the Scenic City. Check out our favorite reader + follower suggestions.


“North and south crest road!” — Tiffany A.

“Sunset at the hang glider park atop Lookout Mountain” — Bob B.

Bonus: Bob described his favorite ones as “Early on a winter morning looking up river at the Walnut Street Bridge and Maclellan Island from the Market Street Bridge sunrise.”

“Right outside in my neighborhood, Black Creek!” — Seth N.

Bonus: Seth described his favorite as “I love a sunset that lights the sky on fire with shades of red, orange, and pink; and that’s exactly what I got!”

NOOGAtoday | Chattanooga sunset

We love seeing the views submitted by our readers + followers.

Photo by Joe Marler


“Harrison Bay” — @thecorporatefrugal

“Whiskey Thief has great sunset views.” — Jessica H.

“One of the most beautiful sunsets is the Sequatchie Valley pull over on the side of 111.” — Matt P.

“Sunset rock has to be one, although it gets busy if you want something that feels a bit more secluded.” — Rickie P.

“Bragg Reservation for sunrise. Baker St. in N. Chatt for sunset.” — Katie K.

“My bed.” — Kevin C. (We mean, is there ever a better spot?)

“Best sunrise is Snoopers Rock.” — John B.

Bonus: Check out more spots + great photos from our Facebook followers.

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