Tennessee River Gorge Trust acquires Edward’s Point on Signal Mountain

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Part of the hike from Signal Point to Edward’s Point | Photo by NOOGAtoday

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The Tennessee River Gorge Trust recently purchased a 32-acre lot that makes up Edward’s Point on top of Signal Mountain.

Video provided by TRGT | GIF made by NOOGAtoday via GIPHY

🌳 Quick history

  • The Edward’s Point lot has been privately owned since it was purchased by local veteran Jay Norman Sylar right after WWII.
  • The site has never been officially protected.
  • Tim Arnold and sister Wendy Arnold acquired the land through family inheritance + sold it to TRGT for preservation purposes.
  • Edward’s Point is an Instagram hotspot + part of nearly every flyover video and marketing campaign touting our region.
  • Thousands of people hike from Rainbow Lake or Signal Point to enjoy the spot every year.

🌳 TRGT plans

For decades, the trust has worked to protect the natural view of the Tennessee River Gorge that hikers see from Edward’s Point, and now it’s time to flip the script. The trust will work to preserve Edward’s Point + its 32-acre lot in order to protect its natural beauty.

A $300,000 contribution from The Tucker Foundation + $60,000 in commitments from community members will help fund the Edward’s Point purchase and move the needle toward reaching TRGT’s $1.15 million capital campaign goal to support further land investment.

The trust’s mission is: “To preserve a healthy Tennessee River Gorge as a community treasure for generations.

Bonus: If this is important to you, too, you can donate to the mission.

🌳 More about TRGT

  • Recently purchased an additional 40 acres of property midway up Signal Mountain to ensure an uninterrupted view of the gorge
  • Has protected 18,000 acres of the 27,000-acre gorge
  • Participates in research partnerships + works to offset carbon by preserving gorge forests
  • Creates and maintains public trails, campsites, caving access, and more
  • Regularly updates a blog rich with information about our local flora and fauna + other nature news


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