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Try This: Upgrade your home’s Wi-Fi with EPB’s Smart Net Plus

EPB’s newest product EPB Smart Net Plus offers whole-home coverage with greater bandwidth, enhanced security, an easy-to-use app with parental controls, and more.

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With Smart Net Plus, you get 24/7 local service + 24/7 support from tech team members like Kevin here.

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As a Chattanoogan, I (City Editor Brianna here 👋) know just as well as the rest of you that EPB is where it’s at for any + all internet needs.

What I didn’t know? EPB’s newest Wi-Fi product, EPB Smart Net Plus + its accompanying app, is pretty impressive, especially for people who rely on their internet including families (more on that later). I recently got the chance to explore the new product — read on to see how you can Try This.

Screenview of the EPB Smart Net Plus app

EPB partnered with Plume to offer Wi-Fi 6 connectivity (the latest technology), enhanced security + the opportunity to control your internet through the app.

Photo by the NOOGAtoday team

What we tried (with pricing):

I was able to sit down with some of EPB’s tech team to discuss this critical new service and all that it offers folks in the area — plus get a firsthand look at how the accompanying app (called HomePass) works.

The product offers some of the latest + greatest tech available, greater bandwidth, warp-speed Wi-Fi, increased security, accessible parental controls, and more. It also promises internet coverage in every corner of your home. (Read: no more dead zones out of Wi-Fi’s reach.) It really is the full package.

Here’s the price breakdown:

  • For EPB’s 300 megabit internet plan ($57.99) (the base package EPB offers), you can add Smart Net Plus for $17.99 per month.
  • With EPB’s 1 Gig internet service ($67.99), EPB offers Smart Net Plus for a discounted rate of $14.99 per month.
  • Smart Net Plus includes professional Wi-Fi installation and optimization, all equipment, maintenance, tech support 24/7/365, return service visits at no charge, and more.

What not to miss:

Just how much security this new product is providing. Plume, the company EPB is partnering with for Smart Net Plus, is constantly monitoring the internet + has a database full of malicious websites to protect all of your connected devices. If you’re curious, you can see when + why certain websites were blocked in the HomePass app.

There are also ad blockers + IOT protectionin other words, protection from hackers who may try to get into your Ring doorbells, smart plugs, baby monitors, etc.

What we’re still talking about:

This is the perfect service for people who rely on their internet including families. Beyond the enhanced security for your home devices, EPB Smart Net Plus also makes it super easy for guardians to:

  • Be alerted when kids arrive or leave the house
  • Set up parental controls specific to each member of the family (so that your 15-year-old + 7-year-old aren’t limited in the same way)
  • Limit screen time + set internet timers
  • Put an end to internet dead zones
Screen recording of the EPB app

In the app, you can create a profile for each person in your family (and control internet access for each one).

GIF by the NOOGAtoday team, via VistaCreate

How you can experience this:

Chat, text, or call EPB to upgrade your Wi-Fi experience (yes, you can get EPB Smart Net Plus even if you already have EPB Smart Net Basic).

Things to know if you go:

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