Vote on a 1920s BiblioChatt topic

Vote on the final two BiblioChatt topics of the year. | Photo via Pexels

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Days left in the year: 65.

2020 BiblioChatts remaining: 2.

We started BiblioChatt earlier this year, and because of the way things have been, we didn’t get to do one every month as we had intended. (Thanks, COVID.) But now that the library is able to send us the resources we need, we’re going to finish the year strong.


In an effort to celebrate the 20s, our last two stories of the year will center on a 1920s topic. We have potential topics picked out, and we just need you to vote on your favorites. The one with the most votes will be our December story to end the year — the runner-up will be published in November.

Here are the topics we’ve picked out:

  1. What was Bessie Smith’s role in Chattanooga during the Jazz Age?
  2. Prohibition — were there speakeasies here? If so, where?
  3. How did Chattanooga shift with the automobile?
  4. What were the popular spots in the city in the 1920s? Where did people shop? Eat?
  5. What’s the story of Reuben Harrison Hunt, architect  of the Provident Building (now the MacLellan)?
  6. Rock City + Ruby Falls were being built/discovered around this time — what did the first years look like for these now-popular tourist attractions?