Watch This: “The Glow” by The Dead Deads

Authored By seanphippster

They are sisters with the last name “Dead.”

Nashville-based The Dead Deads recently wowed a Chattanooga audience at JJ’s Bohemia, sharing a bill with Japanese punk rock band Peelander-Z.

Now, they’ve released a proper music video for single “The Glow.”

Fronted by Leticia Wolf (formerly of Chattanooga), the all-girl band features Mandy Wolf, Angela Lese, Erica Sellers and Mavis Turner.

“The Glow” is a catchy alt-rock song that manages to be loud, infectious and a tad creepy at the same time.

The video was recorded during a photo shoot as a sort of mock Vogue cover spread. The idea was to maintain the elegance of a photo shoot while straying away from being “too sexy,” according to Wolf.

“I didn’t want to pose in our underwear,” Wolf said. “That’s not what we’re about. Mandy and I already owned all the corsets, so we hooked up with a stylist and went more Marie Antoinette with the shoot.”

The Dead Deads formed as a pet project for all the women involved. Lese and Sellers formed Catfight in Louisville, and Wolf was impressed by their performance.

“You don’t often see a drummer and a lead guitar player like that,” she said. “So I just filed it away, and we ended up becoming pretty good friends.”

After they moved from Nashville, Mavis Turner (of Prim!) joined the band for jam sessions.

They were asked to perform at a Nashville benefit show during Halloween called Night of the Living Cover Bands. Wearing X’s on their eyes, they performed as The Dead Milkmaids, a tribute to the ’80s satirical punk band The Dead Milkmen.

And they kept rehearsing and performing. The audiences loved it.

“We’re writing kind of weird music,” Wolf said. “It’s really loud and kind of strange, but we weren’t sure if people were going to get it.”

It really wasn’t until their first Nashville performance at The Basement over the weekend that Wolf started to breathe. The band broke the Sunday bar sales record and had people moshing on a Sunday night, which is an accomplishment in the Music City.

They were already invited back to play at The Basement and have plans to return to Chattanooga soon.

In the meantime, The Dead Deads will continue to record music via Wolf’s Tishimon Records. They have four tracks under their belt that they hope will become a part of 7-inch splits with other bands. With a unique sound, look and endearing weirdness, The Dead Deads is a band to watch.