What Chattanoogans googled in 2022

We know you’re curious.

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See what Chattanoogans have been googling this year.

Photo by Pixabay via Pexels

Let’s talk about your Google search history... don’t worry, you’re not the only one looking up “hairless guinea pigs” and “hummingbird nectar recipes.” Google dropped the Chattanooga area’s top trending searches from 2022, and we’re here with the results. Spoiler alert: We like animals and the outdoors.

It sounds like y’all are looking for animals to pet. We were the only place in the US with “petting zoos” as its top trending “near me” search. We were also the only place in the US that had “hairless guinea pig” as its top trending animal.

The Chattanooga area also loves the outdoors — we searched for “places to swim near me” the most, too. It might be too cold to swim outdoors now, but as soon as it warms back up, we’ve got a list of spots you’ll have to try out.

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