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What locals love about Chattanooga, TN

Check out what a few of our followers love most about Chattanooga.

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With scenic views like these, what’s not to love about Chattanooga?

Last week, the community celebrated 423 Day — AKA April 23, which happens to be Chattanooga’s area code.

On the day celebrating all things Chattanooga, we asked our social media followers what they love most about the Scenic City. Since we’re all about highlighting the 423 today and every day, we thought we would share some of the responses.

“Amazing restaurants and bars plus beautiful outdoor spaces!!!” — @erockmarsh

“The people and the outdoors!” — @mattyblocal

“The access to the river is like no other city in America.” — Bobby S.

“Beautiful views everywhere.” — @amykgaines

“We have all 4 seasons!” — @georgetteshannon_dreamevents

“Friendliness and easy access to nature.” — @dana.severson

What do you say, shall we keep these good vibes going? Let us know what you love most about Chattanooga.

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