Where Chattanoogans want more pedestrian-friendly streets

We recently asked readers + social media followers where they’d like to see more pedestrian-friendly streets and districts. Here’s what they said.

A crosswalk with a walk light at the end of it, surrounded by buildings

Many readers would like to see some portion of Broad Street closed to cars.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

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Last week, we talked about walkable infrastructure in Chattanooga — specifically, shared and pedestrian-only streets.

While we broke down a few pedestrian-friendly spots that already exist in the Scenic City (like Patten Square + Station Street), we turned to you all — the lovely Chattanoogans always seeking betterment in our city — to ask where you think any future pedstrian-only or shared streets should go. Here’s what you said.

Some of you went all in with big ideas:

Broad Street - between Aquarium Way and 3rd Street, and perhaps 4th Street in the future. Also make the area open container so the restaurants can have real outdoor dining. The area needs some reimagining and tourists would love it.” — Adam H.

I would like to see them make Chestnut Street one way, Market Street one way the other direction, and have Broad Street [in between Market + Chestnut] be closed to cars for about 3 or 4 blocks. Then you could make one side of Broad Street for golf carts and bicycles and the other side for walkers and runners. All the restaurants could move more tables to outside dining on the sidewalks because the streets would be no traffic.” — Dee D.

I feel that area between 27 and Georgia Ave with MLK and the river being a boarder would benefit from being pedestrian-only. would be incredibly nice to be car-free zone on a regular schedule and all at once. City does a good job having some sections closed for events, but would be nice to have that whole area for walking/ biking etc. So so so ready for ONE Riverfront to come through!!
@zgoode01 via Instagram

While some of you wanted to start with simpler, but effective, changes:

Dallas Road corridor has so many residential areas and schools. I’d like to see consistent, continuous sidewalks on both sides of Dallas.” — T. Tuley

We should convert Frazier Avenue to a two-lane street with extra wide sidewalks and protected bike lanes. It’s such a nice area, but walking to Clumpies can get pretty cramped because the sidewalks are too narrow. This area could be even more vibrant and active if it had more room for people.” — Gray G.

Pedestrian-friendly places need shade. The trees that take decades to grow were removed from Patten Parkway making it a less pleasant place for a pedestrian to be in our hot months. I would ask the people working on creating more pedestrian passage ways to think not just about the connectivity & safety of them but also the comfort of the people trying to use them.” — Meghan F. via Facebook

How about Custom Street between Columbia & Lindsay Street? Make it walkable and create an outdoor space for the Dwell Hotel. And Syrup and Eggs could have more outdoor seating.” — Don C.