Celebrate Friday the 13th in Chattanooga

Whether you like to spend it getting inked or getting scared, there are several ways to celebrate Friday the 13th locally.

NOOGAtoday: black cat

It may just be your lucky day to find a new cat friend.

Photo by Pixabay

Watch out for ladders and black cats in your path today, Chattanooga. It’s officially Friday the 13th, commonly known as the most unlucky day of the year. We won’t see another until October, so here are some ways to make your own luck today.

  • Get inked. Look out for Friday the 13th tattoo deals from several local shops like Philosophy Tattoo, Main Line Tattoo, and Studio 222 — all of which are offering flash tat deals today.
  • Hit up a local haunt. Searching for a thrill? Try a ghost tour around town with Chattanooga Ghost Tours, or read up on (allegedly) haunted local lore — Pitty Pat Hollow, a haunted hotel room, and Old Green Eyes.
  • Check out a show. Dress up for a Friday the 13th inspired EDM night at Wanderlinger.
  • Adopt a furry friend. If you’re feline lucky, may we suggest adopting a black cat? These traditionally unlucky pets may be just who you need to cross paths with today. Check out Naughty Cat Cafe to find your new family member.
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