What to expect from the new Parks and Outdoors Advisory Committee

We recently shared news of who will be on the new Parks and Outdoors Advisory Committee — now, they’ve conducted their first meeting and we’re giving the inside scoop on what’s to come.

NOOGAtoday | Parks + Outdoors Advisory Committee

We sat in on the first meeting of the new advisory board — find out what we learned.

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Last month, we announced the volunteers appointed to serve in Chattanooga’s first Parks and Outdoors Advisory Committee. Now, we’re shedding some light on their first meeting + what you can expect going forward.


  • Chair | Mayoral appointed Linda Moss Mines
  • Vice Chair | District 8 resident Shelby Meeks
  • Meetings | First Thursdays, 8:30 a.m. — location TBD (all meetings are open to the public)

To get the committee acquainted with what they will do, the city’s Director of Design + Neighborhood Connectivity Blythe Bailey walked them through updates on the revitalization of our skate park, located at 1801 Reggie White Blvd.

NOOGAtoday | Skate park renderings

The committee will offer feedback on designs and proposals for projects like the skate park revitalization.

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General skate park updates

  • Funding | $1 million secured + awaiting approval for an additional $2 million (vote to take place in the summer).
  • Time frame | Projected six months for construction.
  • Park factors | Poured-in-place concrete design, not a single-use park (think: dog park, recreational class space, etc.), area for food trucks + access from 20th Street.
  • Questions from committee | Shade aspects, signage to make park less hidden, where skaters can go during construction + possible performance opportunities.

Don’t flip your board just yet — we’ll be back with more updates (and answers to the committee’s questions) in a future newsletter.

What they’re saying

  • “As the city becomes more dense [...] I think it’s really important that we make sure that there’s connection points to the existing parks and new parks that are created.” — Adam Kinsey of District 7.
  • “The idea is that anything we bring to [the] council of substantive nature comes through y’all first [...] y’all are a break, y’all are an input, y’all are a clause to make sure we have our stuff together.” — Administrator for Chattanooga’s Department of Parks and Outdoors Scott Martin
  • “We all have a vision of a better Chattanooga that is a city in a park and park that is a city.” — Linda Moss Mines