Protected multi-modal lane to be created on Frazier Avenue

The City of Chattanooga has unveiled its plan to create a protected multi-modal lane for the Frazier Avenue reconfiguration — a modified version of the “Option B” proposal.

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Here’s what’s in store for Frazier Avenue.

Graphic provided by the City of Chattanooga

After gathering public input on the two options proposed for the reconfiguration of Frazier Avenue, the City of Chattanooga has revealed its plans to create a protected multi-modal lane on the NorthShore street.

The modified version of “Option B” will aim to accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, and wheelchair users along Frazier Avenue with safer sidewalks, striped bump-outs, and buffer zones. The plan also calls for a new mid-block crosswalk at the CARTA parking garage at 345 Frazier Ave.

Note: The city plans to implement the redesign in late spring.

“Whether it’s dining, shopping, or having fun, there’s something for everyone on Frazier, " said Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly. “So it’s fitting that the new protected lane on Frazier will provide space for everyone who isn’t in a car to more easily and safely enjoy everything Frazier has to offer, while moving automotive traffic through the area smoothly.”