CIVIQ Speaker Series focuses on hip-hop and urbanism

This Thurs., Sept. 29, real estate investor + developer Bruzenkskey Bois be in Chattanooga to discuss how hip-hop culture reflects and relates to urbanism, neighborhoods, and placemaking.

Wanna sneak peek of what to expect at the CIVIQ event? Hear it straight from the source:

”... I feel like it’s still an early stage topic of really looking at hip-hop culture as it reflects and as it pertains to new urbanism, neighborhood, and place building. I’m really going to dive into the parallels between the two... I also want to allow people to leave the room with action items, things that they can actually do to be a part of the process. You know, just because it is hip-hop, and it is talking from a perspective of the Congressional Black Caucus for New Urbanism, you don’t have to be Black to be a part of it, you don’t have to be affected by it to participate. You just gotta have a good moral heart, just want to kind of see things moving in a more positive direction, and be a part of that.”

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