City Editor Kristen’s 28 favorite things in Chattanooga

To celebrate her 28th birthday, City Editor Kristen wanted to share her 28 favorite things about Chattanooga.

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You’re looking at Editor Kristen’s perfect breakfast.

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City Editor Kristen here. Yesterday was my 28th birthday and to celebrate I thought it would be fun to share with y’all 28 of my favorite things in Chattanooga.

Note: These are in no particular order.

No. 1

A blackberry lavender lemon scone + almond milk cappuccino from Niedlov’s Bakery & Cafe. Everything from this Southside bakery is delicious, but this is my go-to order.

No. 2

An afternoon at the Hunter Museum of American Art. Whether it’s to see a traveling exhibit or attend one of the art-inspired events, time spent here is always special to me.

No. 3

Walks through Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center’s campus. I love that you can opt for a guided experience or a quiet walk on your own — especially when the lower meadows are in peak bloom.

No. 4

Picking out my next read at The Book & Cover and then sipping a cocktail on the patio at The Rosecomb. This is just the perfect combo, folks.

No. 5

The otters at the Tennessee Aquarium. Nothing makes me happier than seeing these cuties swim around and play, and if I can’t make it in person I’ll even watch the live stream.

NOOGAtoday | U-pick at signal mountain

Build your own bouquet at Signal Mountain Nursery.

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No. 6

The U-Pick flower garden at Signal Mountain Nursery. Walking through the flowers and picking out which ones to take home always puts the biggest smile on my face.

No. 7

Cuddling with cats at Naughty Cat Cafe. Whether you’re looking to adopt or just need a mood boost, I can’t recommend stopping by this spot enough.

No. 8

Dinner at Boccaccia. IYKYK — this has been my go-to spot for my birthday dinner since 2019. I dream about the tagliolini bolognese and chocolate mousse torte.

No. 9

The St. Elmo Corgi Parade. I love attending this event almost as much as I love telling out-of-towners about it. Plus, cute corgis galore.

No. 10

Getting a tattoo at Studio 222. Shout out to my tattoo artist Robert Barker for making all my tattoo dreams a reality.

No. 11

A cold plunge at Suck Creek. As much as I love going swimming in the summer, there’s something extra special about taking an iced, cold dip.

NOOGAtoday | Oddstory noodles

The most delicious bowl of noodles from Anomaly by Oddstory.

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No. 12

The Mongolian beef and broccoli noodles from Anomaly by Oddstory. I said I’d be willing to change my name to this dish to get a lifetime supply — and I still stand by that.

No. 13

MAINx24. I love seeing Chattanoogans come together for a day of fun, the energy is contagious no matter if it rains or shines.

No. 14

A Friday night Chattanooga Lookouts game. I simply love cheering on our home team and ending the night with a fireworks show.

No. 15

Sculptures in the Sky. Walking through the Sculpture Fields at Montague Park during this annual event always feels so surreal.

No. 16

Riding the Incline. Even if it’s one of the more touristy activities to do, riding the Incline during the area’s peak fall colors is absolutely breathtaking.

No. 17

Eating a soft pretzel with beer cheese at Chattanooga Brewing Co. before a soccer game. Nothing gets me more in the spirit.

No. 18

Watching the sunrise and sunset. I know this one is pretty vague, but I’m lucky enough to have access to a rooftop to watch these gorgeous views often.

No. 19

The Houston Museum of Decorative Arts. This is one of my favorite hidden gems in Chattanooga — it’s about to undergo some major renovations, but you can still see the collection in other capacities.

A piece of artwork showing a pug doing yoga and tooting with the words "exhale" written above

We’re particularly large fans of this piece.

No. 20

The Art For All Peoples artwork. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new work of art, but seeing the messages around town still brings me joy.

No. 21

The yasai shoyu ramen from Two Ten Jack. This is my go-to dish on a cold day.

No. 22

Rock the Riverfront. I eagerly await each year to see which art installation will come to the Chattanooga Green. Plus, it’s wholesome to see folks of all ages outside enjoying the fun.

No. 23

Themed bar takeovers at Unknown Caller. These folks know how to throw a party and always have a fun menu with new drinks to try out.

No. 25

Drink and Discover adult-only events at The Creative Discovery Museum. It’s so much fun to explore the children’s museum after hours.

No. 26

Mean Green hot sauce from Hoff & Pepper. The local spots that carry this flavor have my heart + I keep a bottle at home stocked up at all times.

No. 27

Pool days at Common House. I won’t lie to y’all, having a frozen margarita by the pool in the summertime is a wonderful experience.

No. 28

Sitar Indian Cuisine. My go-to for take-out, you can’t go wrong with the tikka masala or saag paneer.

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