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Where to make friends in Chattanooga, part two

Here are some ways you can make friends in the Scenic City, with suggestions from some of our Instagram followers.

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Join Outdoor Chattanooga for group classes like learning how to kayak.

Photo provided by the Chattanooga Tourism Co.

A few weeks ago, we asked those who are not from Chattanooga to ask a question they would like answered by locals.

Several folks asked where they could make friends in the Scenic City. Here are a few of the suggestions our followers had for them.

“We will be meeting twice a month from May-August at OddStory on Central. First and third Thursday at 6 p.m. for Silent Book Club. Bring whatever you are reading and hang out. You can socialize with us too, or just read with others.” — @silentbookclub_chatt

Bonus: Read more about the club.

“If you’re into cigars, @sceniccitycigars lounge is great! Also, @chatttaste has great tours, including cocktail-making classes which is a cool way to make friends!” — @thecorporatefrugal

“Check out @acronooga, the weekly jam is so much fun and there’s always great people there! Even if you don’t know what acro is, everyone is so willing to teach and play!” — @hmeyer37

“Check out the website for Outdoor Chattanooga. They offer all kinds of outdoor group activities.” — @jill.brownn

Looking for more ways to connect? Head to part one for a few suggestions of our own.

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