High-speed rail concept map runs through Chattanooga

Authored By James Harrison

Could a national high-speed rail hub be in Chattanooga’s future? 

Most experts would say no, but a California-based group of cartographers hasn’t let that stop them from mapping out a concept of what a transcontinental railway system could look like. 

A quick glance of the new map, created by First Cultural Industries of Berkley, shows a line of 220-mph rail passing through Chattanooga, between Minneapolis and Miami. The map has been making the rounds on the Internet since being revealed earlier this week. 

In theory, one could leave Chattanooga at lunchtime and be in Miami at dinnertime without ever leaving the ground.

The map isn’t the first time a high-speed rail concept has been floated for Chattanooga. For years, the possibility of a bullet train servicing Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta has been studied by groups in the region, including the Chattanooga Enterprise Center.

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