New social club moves toward opening in 2021

On the rooftop of Common House | photo by editor Trista Pruitt

Good morning, Noogans. 👋 Trista here, and I bet y’all didn’t you know I also dip my toes in creative writing. I had my fourth screenwriting class last night through Common House, and I’ve learned so much.

I bring this up because I recently went on a tour of Common House to see the progress. I became a member the day applications opened, and I’ve been taking virtual classes and networking since. Before you get too excited, the club won’t open until early 2021. Needless to say, I’m excited to walk you through the progress + updates.

The terrace rendering on the current rooftop | photo by editor Trista Pruitt

For some quick facts, you can check out this story we wrote in January.

Progress + updates

🏊 First things first, there will be a pool. And we have it on good authority that they will try to keep it open longer in the season since it stays hot until about October around here.

🗝️ Every member will get a brass key to enter through the front door. Yes, the key will actually work, it’s not just for show

🏋️ There will be a gym — it will be bigger than a hotel gym but smaller than a full-size gym + there will be a focus on group classes

🛏️ Speaking of hotels, this is the first of the three Common House clubs to offer hotel rooms

#ProTip — take advantage of a hotel room when the in-laws visit.

👶 Parents, rejoice — the club will have a dedicated space for childcare. Date nights are a go

More reasons to get excited

The food. The food menu will consist of locally sourced ingredients and will be friendly to all diets. Members can order food from any area of the club, the dining room will fit 60-70 people, and the tea room will hold about 25.

The drink. There will be multiple bars, including one on the rooftop + one by the pool. Oh, and free coffee.

The networking. There will be coworking spaces + events designed to get your name out there and ideas flowing with other members of the community.

The access. Common House focuses on inclusivity. Members can bring up to three guests, and guests can pay for their own drinks + meals. For pricing, go here.

The events. There is lots of space for intimate gatherings + large events. Not to mention the classes offered (like the screenwriting one). Some other goings on include: book club, HIIT training, and coffee talk. If you’re already a member, you can start virtually participating now.

Ruby Hall rendering | photo by editor Trista Pruitt