Four local gifts we love from Sophie’s Shoppe

Everything in Sophie’s Shoppe is hand-picked by their team of tastemakers | Photo provided

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Here at NOOGAtoday, we think giving the perfect gift is basically an art form, and the holidays are our time to shine. Today, we’re sharing four holiday gifts from local retailer Sophie’s Shoppe, curated by our team. (Not to brag, but we think we have great taste.)

Let’s go shopping. 👇

Bonus: Sophie’s Shoppe (401 N Market St) also offers local delivery, curbside pickup + flate-rate shipping for any online order.

The set includes a small vase of white or red roses, a pinecone + greenery mix | Photo provided

Kristen’s pick: Flower gift box + signature Chattanooga candle | ($45)

Nothing puts a smile on my mom’s face like fresh flowers. She loves to cozy up her space with floral arrangements, and the Chattanooga candle is the warm touch to make things extra homey around the holidays.

-Kristen Templeton, City Editor

The print comes with two frame options | Photo provided

Sarah’s pick: “The Hunter” art print | ($105)

My soon to be mother-in-law just renovated her bathroom, so she’s looking for new artwork. I think this print will look really cute above her sink — the colors match perfectly. So fun that this is made by a Chattanooga artist, too!

-Sarah Kosid, Sales Executive

The tumbler holds up to 20 ounces of liquid | Photo provided

Dayten’s pick: Chattanooga map pint tumbler | ($38)

My girlfriend will love the Chattanooga map tumblr. She’s been wanting to get into coffee — and as the resident huge coffee snob, I’m happy to oblige. Nothing kicks off a good coffee habit like a way to get it from point A to point B — with no spills.

-Dayten Rose, Multi-City Editor

The set also comes with a local Chattanooga candle to set the vibe | Photo provided

Brianna’s pick: Chattanooga cocktail gift box | ($100)

I’m getting the Chattanooga cocktail gift box for my future brother-in-law. He got really into making cocktails this year, and this gift is perfect for an up-and-coming mixologist. I think he’ll really like the whiskey ball mold.

Fun fact: Last year I got my mom one of the Chattanooga mugs for Christmas — she loved it.

-Brianna Williams, City Editor

Shop all these local gifts (and so much more) in-person at Sophie’s Shoppe or on their website.*

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