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Coming Soon: The Knot & Needle Fiber Arts Studio

The fiber arts community will soon be getting a new space to share their creativity in the Red Bank area. Learn about what you can expect.

NOOGAtoday | The owners of The Knot & Needle Fiber Arts Studio

Learn about the space dedicated to fiber arts coming soon to Red Bank.

Photo by NOOGAtoday

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A new spot in the Red Bank area will soon be threading together community once The Knot & Needle Fiber Arts Studio opens.

Owned by sisters Marcy Johnson + Danielle Landrum, you can find this shop at 3803 Dayton Blvd. — working as a maker space, retail store selling goods like embroidery kits, instructional space, and gallery space for local fiber artists in the area.

NOOGAtoday | A needle felted arts piece of a tree with fall colors and a grassy pasture.

The store will showcase various needle felted pieces for sale.

Photo by The Knot & Needle Fiber Arts Studio

The pair, who both have backgrounds in art, discovered a love for needle felting when they took a family trip to Ireland. After a recent passing of their sister, they were inspired to create this spot dedicated to the fiber arts community.

“We’ve got a really good art scene here, but not as much for the fiber arts,” said Johnson. “It seems like all of the artists that are contacting us are really excited to have a place that specifically focuses on their genre.”

NOOGAtoday | Three needle felted fiber arts pieces, one of a house on a rock and then two outdoor scenes inside of vintage tea cups.

“Besides just the fun art of it, there will be a lot of useful skills you can learn like mending clothes.” — Danielle Landrum

Photo by The Knot & Needle Fiber Arts Studio

Upcoming classes

There are already several classes slated on the calendar that will be taught by the owners and local artists over a variety of topics. Here are a few examples of classes you can expect:

Intro to Hand Sewing | Tuesday, Nov. 28 | 6:30-8:30 p.m. | $51 | Learn the beginning techniques of sewing, such as sewing buttons + mending holes.

Origami Earrings | Saturday, Dec. 2 | 2-4 p.m. | $25 | Use the art of origami in this beginner-friendly class to make two pairs of earrings.

Needle Felted Mushroom | Saturday, Dec. 16 | 2-4 p.m. | $35 | Try out needle felting to create a cute mushroom for your home.

Bonus: The store will soon host free “Crafternoons” each weekday it’s open — just bring what you’re working on.

Check out more classes + book online.

The Knot & Needle is projected to fully open by Friday, Dec. 1. Artists that are interested in leading a class or showcasing their work are encouraged to fill out a contact form.

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