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See the winning pumpkin from our 2023 jack-o-lantern contest

The votes are in, check out the winner of the NOOGAtoday Pumpkin Carving Contest.

A person holds a jack-o'-lantern in their lap, carving out the top of the pumpkin.

Don’t forget that you can roast pumpkin seeds in the oven for a crunchy fall snack.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

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The votes are in for the NOOGAtoday Pumpkin Carving Contest (374 to be exact). Check out the pumpkins below, including the contest winner our readers voted for.

NOOGAtoday | Pumpkin finalist No. 4

“Brace Face”

Photo submitted by Candace I.

Winner: “Brace Face” by Candace I.

This adorable pumpkin was voted as this year’s winner.

NOOGAtoday | Pumpkin finalist No. 2


Photo submitted by Terry N.

Finalist: “POW!!👊" by Terry N.

An honorable mention for our runner-up. This pumpkin carving took some serious skill.

NOOGAtoday | Pumpkin finalist No. 1

“Crazy conjoined pumpkin head”

Photo submitted by Renee T.

Finalist: “Crazy Conjoined Pumpkin Head” by Renee T.

This pumpkin is giving us some serious “Stranger Things” demogorgon vibes.

NOOGAtoday | Pumpkin finalist No. 3


Photo submitted by Anne D.

Finalist: “Pumpkinvasion” by Anne D.

We think these pumpkins are pretty out of this world and love the creative spaceship this reader made.

NOOGAtoday | Pumpkin finalist No. 5

“Little Pumpkin House”

Photo submitted by Chloe H.

Finalist: “Little Pumpkin House” by Chloe H.

Incoming wholesome fun fact: this submission was actually created by Chloe H.'s 5-year-old son who wanted to make a space for his tiny pumpkin.

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